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Sunday, February 4, 2018

February 2018 Monthly Bulletin Board News

Dear Homeowners,

We want to welcome Chris to the Little River Inn family. He will be the new maintenance person and has an abundant list of responsibilities. Let's all remember to welcome him, and remember the proper channel to request any maintenance work is to contact Blue Coast.

In the last three months, we had four illegally parked cars removed from our community. Building nine is being painted this past week. Work on building thirteen is coming along nicely and on schedule! Work on our security cameras also started last week.
The pools will reopen sometime in March pending the weather breaking.

The rules and regulations are in place to ensure our community's cleanliness, safety, and prosperity. Let's all follow them and report any violators to the board.

Lanes will be coming on 2/14/2018. Please make arrangements to allow them access to provide their service and keep our units bug and termite free. There is a calendar on the website for you to print if you like, so you'll know the date every month.

Thank you!

~From your HOA Board Members

Monday, January 22, 2018

Monthly Bulletin Board News

Jan.21, 2018

Friendly Update:

The board has decided to make sure there's an update on our website every month. So let's start with this one.

Lanes: if you are not allowing Lanes in your unit then you need to produce evidence of where you have paid another exterminator. A receipt with their company head title clearly on it is required. If you cannot produce this you will have to pay the HOA to get someone out here. We are taking this issue very seriously.

Building 13 has been started. The repairs will be more than expected.

We have a Maintenance Man starting next Monday. Homeowners, please let him do his job. Standing around talking to him and asking him to do small jobs for you is prohibited.

Let's try to keep from throwing trash out in the parking lot. This is becoming an issue.

All homeowners should follow all rules. The speed limit signs are there for a reason. Please slow down.

Next Month is Valentine's Day. Hoping everyone enjoys their day. Eat plenty of candy. Remember your mothers...

Issue 1 2018

~From your HOA Board Members