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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April 2018 Monthly Bulletin Board News

Date: April 09, 2018


We want to thank the homeowners who attended the March HOA meeting. We would encourage your participation in the next HOA meeting June 16 at 9:00 am at the Sleep Inn. The more owners that are involved, the better our community will become and the better your board can serve.

Building Restoration Progress
We were not satisfied with the painting company we had. We terminated them and hired a new company. The new company comes with very good references from other HOAs.

Painting on Building 10 is complete. Building 13 is in the final stages. Building 9 will be repainted shortly.

Building 9, 10, and 13 balconies will be re-screened.

Building 19 was started last week and much siding needs to be replaced. Building 20 and 21 to follow.

Sidewalks around buildings 20, 26, 27 are complete with more buildings to follow.

Tracys Landscaping
Tracys will be spraying for moles and ants this coming week. (grass was cut short this week to prepare for spraying).

Cameras are up and running and final WIFI connections will be complete shortly.

Lanes Exterminating
Lanes will be here April 11th for their monthly service. Please make your properties available for them on that date.

Letters went out to those properties that were not available on March 14th.

Pools are OPEN. Please remember to follow All Rules and report any violators.

Many cars are blocking the sidewalks when parked. Please be courteous and aware of this problem. (avoid fines)

Considering updating our website to include a question and answer section. Let us know your thoughts and concerns

Maintenance Staff
Curtis has been hired as our new Maintenance Staff.  Please be courteous and respectful as he moves into his new position in our community.   Keep in mind he is not here to do personal favors in your unit, but to oversee issues in the community. Please don't stand and talk long periods of time with him. Remember,  he is working for our community. 

Thank you,
~From your HOA Board Members